Education Project of the Ballet Basel 2015

Processing, Ableton Live, Kinect Camera

For this piece I developed an interactive dance midi-controller to interface with Ableton Live.  Live 3D data from the Kinect camera was used to generate MIDI signals to control parameters within Ableton Live.  A series of ‘invisible’ boxes on the stage were used as controllers to mimic traditional buttons and dials of a DJ controller to give a live and unique remix of the tracks each performance.  Further, the software enabled live control of the boxes to allow different boxes to be brought in throughout the performance as well as modifying their sensitivity.

Richard Wherlock, Béatrice Goetz, Adrien Boissonnet
Choreography Assistant
Natalie Mathys
Janiv Oron (Goldfinger Brothers)
Interactive Sound Programming
Permi Jhooti
Stage Design
Marion Menziger
Jessica Kube
Stage Manager
Arthur Kimmerle
Technical Team
Stefan Erny, Fabrizio Di Salvo, Patrick Soland and Team
Christoph Stürchler
Project Management
Catherine Brunet and Irena Müller-Brozovic

Stephanie Blunschi, David Boner, Géraldine Chew, Alessia Gisi, Michèle Lütolf, Kurt Meier, Silvan Ming, Marina Trinkler, Sandro Widmer, Jakob Botross, Melissa Demir, Mustafa Demir, Vasco Dos Santos, Marisa Faria dos Santos, Sisa Geisseler, Alexia Loffredo, Danilo Luginbühl, Andrijana Jenic, Clauditte Olenga, Pedro Olveira, Belinay Polat, Eda Sarioglu, Fatjona Selimi, Sifti Singh, Zuleiha Shabani, Baltasar Thrier, Moritz Widmann, Susana Yildirim, Nasir Zuberi.