Please see below for links to my projects. BeyondX is a creative space for collaborations in art, science and technology under which I created the first  HeartBasel Festival.  My personal art site has been launched at Motive Emotive. Click below to explore the sites and find out more.

Permi Jhooti – Motive Emotive

Permi strikes me as someone who is never afraid to make her heartfelt calls. This opens up her work to whatever field she will walk into. I’d say thats a free spirit in the best way. Pure!
Elia Rediger, The Bianca Story
Permi’s camera sees you just the way you are: no distraction, no hiding, no bravado. She solely captures your movements but still they reveal all of you. It’s truly mind-blowing.
Adrian Sieber, The LoveBugs
I’ve never had this great feeling of understanding as I have with her. Her talent on what she does is incredible.
Jorge Garcia Perez, Ballet Basel
To me your work is “essence in motion… it is timeless, extremely poetic, unique and incredibly stunning.”
Tatiana Ocelleo Heintz, OKOU
Permi’s work is original and unique…I discovered and learned new things and a lot about dance and myself through Permi’s work.
Debora Maiques Marin, Ballet Basel
I had never experienced video technology like this before … The best way I can express it is … I saw my “cool blue soul-self” in action and by gosh, it was sweet.
Shalini Trefzer, DanzBollywood
Permi’s Project Motive Emotive reflects her energetic and emotional way of seing people expressing life.
Samira Susuri, FCB
Permi’s Project Motive Emotive reflects her energetic and emotional way of seing people expressing life. We are very excited to be part of this wonderful idea.
Rebekka Nuescheler, FC Concordia
…the exhibition is inspiring and the video installation that shows the pixel figures in action is lovely: it fills you with a joy in motion and in simply doing.
Review, Green Apfel
Permi created a piece of art that touches by the effortlessness and the ease of movement, stripped of complexities of identities such as gender, color, or cultural backgrounds, leaving the essence of sheer beauty and joy of movement. A kaleidoscopic, fluid, ever-changing dance of life:

Main Photograph: Laurent Burst for Claudia Güdel